Man as Demon

Interviews with Bernard Poolman


Okay, so, there is a tic that has just bitten Gabriël on the right ass while we were talking shit about heaven and shit about earth.

So, at the moment we are at talking shit about earth and our subject is Viktor, the Victorious… with his primary desire of fame, which is the primary desire of everyone else.

What is certain?

If you can change, you are not real.

What is a demon?

A demon is: if you are less than a man.

What is a man?

A man is someone that considers all life at all time equal and one and live as life.

Men don’t do that. Men live as systems; systems of money, systems of sex, systems of survival, systems of uncertainty, systems of excuses, systems of acceptances of limitations.

Men live as systems, men has abdicated there own self-responsibility to its life to systems – like systems of government, education systems, money systems, transportation systems, feeding systems –all systems that are running under the guise of apparently supporting man. It is called the eco-system with no me, the eco-no-me, the eco-system where there is no life.

I mean, if you have a system what’s name is already ‘eco-no-me’, economy, which is the ultimate con obviously – then immediately ask the question: What am I doing? What the fuck is going on? Because,

I am supporting life with something that is not life, not equal and one – so everything is going to be a fuck up.

(Gabriel asks a question: Is the money system then a parasite?)

But money is nothing but the value you give it, you cannot personify money, you cannot give money a personality, because that personality will not move by itself.

You have to observe in this world what is the functional movement that happens and you will notice a fascinating thing: all movements of all events of all play-outs in this reality works by personality.

You have only various grades of personalities, you have system personalities that you can call entities.

Have a look, if you take for instance a policeman. If you would know the policeman, when the policeman is at home he will be one person,the moment they put on their police cloths and they go into the police system to act as a policeman they become an entity and they immediately start acting differently – they’re immediately a different person.

That would be now the policeman entity. They will immediately have more power over other personalities, so they are like suddenly gods.

And accordingly they will act – they will change, they will become someone you don’t know anymore, but somebody you expect to be there to protect you from all the other people.

I mean, because remember, it’s all the other people you don’t know who is specific that is somewhere going to harm you and that is going to come for you, all the other people are the ones that you fear.

You don’t know who specifically, but it’s’ just a random fear. It’s always there. I mean, you simply cannot trust anyone else, because – why can you not trust anyone else?

Because you cannot trust yourself, because exactly the things you fear in another are the things you do.

That is why nobody steps beyond the bounds of their fears, because their fears are undefined based in another human being that is unpredictable.

And with all that undefined, unpredictable shit, I mean, earth is in big shit.


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